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Fokker D-VII {80% scale}
Fokker Dr-1 {Full scale}
Fokker Dr-I {3/4 scale}
Fokker E-III {3/4 scale}
Fokker D-VIII {3/4 scale}
Fokker D-VI {3/4 scale}
1914 Tabue {3/4 scale}

Nieuport 16 {Full scale}
Nieuport 17 {Full scale}
Nieuport 17 bis {Full scale}
Nieuport 23 {Full scale}
Nieuport 24 {Full scale}
Nieuport 24 bis {Full scale}
Nieuport 25 {Full scale}
Nieuport 27 {Full scale}
Nieuport 28 {Full scale}
Sopwith Pup {Full scale}
Sopwith Camel {Full scale}

Bleriot XI
The Dream Classic
The Dream Fantasy
The Dream Classic {Strut Braced}

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