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Robert's Heavy-Duty Spoked Wheels

Robert is now supplying some very heavy-duty,
wide-hubbed spoked wheels.
Perfect for full scale WWI planes
with BIG heavy engines.

Below are a series of images showing the procedure
for lacing the wheels with their spokes.

(All the images below are thumbnails.
Click on the image for a much larger one to view.)

wheels-001.JPG (60735 bytes)
The Beginning. Everything all laid out
and ready to go.
wheels-004.JPG (240611 bytes)
Set up both hubs like this.
wheels-003.JPG (60772 bytes)
Starting inserting the spokes.
wheels-008.JPG (267196 bytes)
Here we go with one side done.
wheels-009.JPG (252571 bytes)
Spokes are in both sides and we're ready
to start on the hubs.
wheels-013.JPG (274234 bytes)
All the spokes are in and we're starting
the real lacing.
wheels-015.JPG (224175 bytes)
This images shows any two spokes that run
parallel will be four holes apart (three empty
holes in between ) on the rim 
wheels-018.JPG (263012 bytes)
Any spokes that cross at the hub will be
10 apart (9 holes in between  )
wheels-019.JPG (278992 bytes)
A wheel that Bryan laced would look like this
and need to be re done by removing the
spokes and installing them one hole pattern
aft in the hub 
wheels-026.JPG (284337 bytes)
After all the spokes are in, it's time to start
tightening down the nuts.
wheels-027.JPG (279250 bytes)
Getting all of them the same is the last step.
wheels-041.JPG (60556 bytes)
Almost done.
wheels-042.JPG (58118 bytes)
Robert makes it look awful easy!!!

Two welded hubs sell for $195 per pair and have a larger inside hub
with a bolt hole pattern for a brake.

Wheel kits ready to be laced with 2 tires, 2 tubes and 2 bearing sets
sell for $495. This also includes a step-by-step detailed video.

The weight of 2 hubs is "about" 2 lbs.
(We couldn't get them to register on a digital scale.)

The weight of ONE wheel complete with tire and tube is 18 lbs.
So, two COMPLETE wheels will weigh 36 lbs.



Click the images below to enlarge.

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