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Fokker D-VII {80% scale}
Fokker Dr-1 {Full scale}
Fokker Dr-I {3/4 scale}
Fokker E-III {3/4 scale}
Fokker D-VIII {3/4 scale}
Fokker D-VI {3/4 scale}
1914 Tabue {3/4 scale}

Morane Saulnier {3/4 scale}
Nieuport 16 {Full scale}
Nieuport 17 {Full scale}
Nieuport 17 bis {Full scale}
Nieuport 23 {Full scale}
Nieuport 24 {Full scale}
Nieuport 24 bis {Full scale}
Nieuport 25 {Full scale}
Nieuport 27 {Full scale}
Nieuport 28 {Full scale}
Sopwith Pup {Full scale}
Sopwith Camel {Full scale}

Bleriot XI
The Dream Classic
The Dream Fantasy
The Dream Classic {Strut Braced}

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Newly Added:

AIRDROME AEROPLANES promotional video project from Chris Gerlach on Vimeo.

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Download the Airdrome Datasheet - click on each picture

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New 7/8 Dr-1 Kit ~ Click the picture above to view Facebook Photo Gallery
Flight Video is live on the Media Page!


Video Interview with Robert at Sun-N-Fun
Morane Saulnier L



Another First Flight - Visit the Media Page for More

Download the Airdrome Datasheet

Two Place Sopwith Schneider

Download the Data Sheet

Two Place Sopwith Tabloid

Download the Data Sheet

Two Place Sopwith Baby

Download the Data Sheet

New Airplane ~ Spirit of St. Louis premieres at Oshkosh

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Successfully first flight!
Photo Gallery of John Crisp's 3/4 Dr-1 on Facebook

Click here: Flight Report and Video

Michael Kindon's D-VII - 80% First Flight

Video: Amazing Bleriot Video of Pascal Kremer Cross Channel Flight

Article: Replica DH-2: Modern Military Magnet

Photos & Flight Report: Sopwith Camel

Photos of the Bleriot Wing Warper

Bleriot Data Sheet - Full Size
Bleriot Data Sheet - 3/4 Size

Photos of Butch Whitlock's Fokker D-VII

Photos and Flight Report of Blake Thomas's N28

Photos of Pascal's Bleriot
Bleriot Data Sheet - Full Size
Bleriot Data Sheet - 3/4 Size

Flight Report ~ Comparisons by Harvey Cleveland

The Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel Data Sheet

Click for photos

Click for photos

The Airco DH 2

The 3/4 Scale Fokker D-VI Videos

Scott Spangler Article
(Click here to read the artilce!)
Full Scale Sopwith Pup Page
Video from Oshkosh has been added to the Pup Page!

Head to the forums to discuss: Click Here

Airdrome Video on YouTube.
We have posted the videos on YouTube.
Click Here To Watch!

Scott Nichols Eindecker
(Congratulations on your first flight!)
Click here for more photos!

Bleriot XI Monoplane
Bleriot Data Sheet - Full Size
Bleriot Data Sheet - 3/4 Size
Click here for more photos!

Airdrome Para-Cycle
(More Details to Come!)

Congratulations Gwen on your first flight!

Gwen de Lucero's D-VIII Razor Flight Report.
Photo Gallery Pictures
More Photos From Gwen's D-VIII

Dick Starks Morane Photo Gallery... Click Here!

Flight Reports and New Photo Galleries - New on the website - click on the links below to read!

John B. Hyde's Fokker D-VII Flight Report.
Gwen de Lucero's D-VIII Razor Flight Report.
Ron Glover's E-III Eindecker Flight Report.
Travis Gier's 3/4 Scale Fokker Dr-1 Triplane Flight Report.
Dick Stark's Morane Flight Report.

Now you can build and fly your own piece of Aviation History. And, at a price less than what you'd pay for a used car. (And, not a used BMW either.) Airdrome Aeroplane's kits of some of the most famous planes used in WWI will have you in the air in a fraction of the time needed to build other WWI replica aircraft. No hunting for parts or waiting for shipments.

Airdrome Aeroplane's kits are COMPLETE. All nut, bolts, rivets, gusset plates, machined plugs, tubing and any other hardware are included in the kits. You also get a photo CD and a DVD or VHS building video. If you really want to "hit-the-ground-running", ask about arranging a "builder's assist" session with Robert at this plant. After two days, you'll have a fuselage sitting on the gear. After 4 days you will have a complete airframe. For more information - just give us a call - 816-230-8585.

Wally Tennyson's Full Scale Dr-1

N28 Performs a Low Pass

Jon Johanson (FAI Gold Award
{Holder of over 50 World Records})
Flew the N-28 to Oshkosh
where it could be viewed at
the flyboys booth.
Click here to read about the flight.

Flyboys movie set photos and
Movie Insignia's have been posted
in the Photo Galleries

Fyboys trailers - Homepage and
New video of the N28 has been posted
on the new 
Media Page


Airdrome Aeroplanes is pround to announce... We are now offering Rotec Radial Engines, including motor mounts for all of our aircraft that can be equipped with this amazing engine. Click here for a photo gallery.

MORE NEW VIDEOS - A new video featuring a collage of Robert's plane (set to music) have been added. Click here for a High Speed version and here for a Dial-Up Version. We have also added  3/4 scale Dr-1 Triplane,  80% Fokker D-VII, Nieuport 24, and Dream Classic... we also have
a full scale Nieuport 28 that will be fitted with the Rotec 9 cylinder radial. Click here to see pictures... 


Robert and his merry crew built these four full-scale Nieuport 17s from start to finish in only 52 days. They're heading over-seas to star in a movie about the Lafayette Escadrille. Look for the article about them in the Kitplanes Magazine August 2005 issue - in bookstores now.
Read two articles on
Flyboys Director Speaks, New Movie Features WW-1 Fighters

Welcome to Airdrome Airplanes featuring our 75% and full-scale scale flying replica kits. Our aircraft cover a wide range of historical aviation. From the most recognized aircraft flown in World War One, the scarlet red FOKKER DR-1 TRIPLANE flown by The Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen, to the most technologically advanced aircraft to come from the great war effort, The FOKKER D-VIII PARASOL (AKA The Flying Razor). Also available is the FOKKER E-III, EINDECKER the first plane to mount a synchronized machine gun and the FOKKER D-VI, the precursor of the FOKKER D-VII, probably the best performing aircraft used in the war by the German War Machine. Airdrome Airplanes full scale offerings are the Nieuport 24, Nieuport 17 and the Fokker Triplane. Check out our 80% scale Fokker D-VII.


Also available from Airdrome Aeroplanes is the Dream Fantasy and FULLY, FAA PART 103, LEGAL Dream Classic Ultralight.

In the pages of this web site you can find out how YOU can build and fly your own piece of Aviation History in less than 400 hours. No special tools or skills are needed to construct your own personal fighter. Full kits are available with all machined and welded parts supplied with the kit. Construction videos are also available and Airdrome Airplanes offers excellent builder support.
(Click on any photo to get aircraft details)



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